IR Policy

Petrolia SE (Petrolia, OSE ticker: PDR) aims at providing the financial market with transparent, precise, timely and equal information, giving the financial market a best possible foundation for valuating the securities issued by the company.

Information disclosures and equal treatment
Petrolia publishes all stock exchange announcements through the Oslo Børs Information/Cision distribution system, enabling equal treatment of information in the financial market and full compliance with the requirement of the Securities Trading Act.
All stock exchange notices, press releases, webcasts and presentation are published on The homepage is also continuously updated with shareholder structure, shareprice development, financial calendar and additional relevant information.

Quarterly reporting and roadshow
Petrolia publishes the quarterly reports according to the Oslo Stock Exchange regulations.

The company aims at having an active dialogue with the financial market and performs regular one-on-one presentations and roadshows throughout the year.

Petrolia does not provide guidance on quarterly revenues and earnings, but may issue statements on future development in disclosed information and releases that may contain information of such nature.

The Managing Director and the Financial Officer are the company's contact persons for the financial market and the financial press.